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We Make Sure You Always Look Your BEST

In line with our principles of client obsession, continuous improvement, and taking ownership, we have implemented a new program called Be Your Best (BYB) to help our current customers update their websites to make the very Best online impression for their customers.


Experience the Transformation


Lincoln County Exterminating LLC website
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“Our church had an older style website full of more words than graphics and very challenging to navigate. Now, our website is fresh and airy with beautiful pictures that speak more than a thousand words about our ministries, programs, and mission in the world. We are very grateful for the professionalism and neighborly support!” 

– Thomas V.

Be Your Best (BYB) Program

How Does It Work?

Under the BYB program, current BEST customers have the opportunity to secure a substantial discount on a website redesign. This is a limited opportunity, with a select few BYB spots opening each month. Our team carefully reviews each application – if you were not selected this month, you may still be chosen in the future. Check your eligibility and apply now to enter the running for this unbeatable deal!


1. Get Nominated 

Use our eligibility checklist to see if your website is a good fit for the BYB program. Nominate yourself by submitting the application on this page, or talk with your Best Account Manager (BAM) and let them nominate you!

2. Kick-Off Call

If you are chosen, your BAM will reach out to set up a meeting. On the kick-off call, your BAM and the creative team will learn about your vision for the new and improved website refresh design. Then we get to work!

3. Approve & Launch

When you preview your new design, you can request changes until you feel your very Best. That is our guarantee! Once you approve your website, it will go live! Now you can show it off to everyone you know.

What You Can Expect

Seamless Transition

There will be NO downtime during the update process; the current website will remain up until the new site is approved.

Modern Design

Websites will be redesigned with an updated look and feel and a focus on user experience, responsiveness, and strong CTAs.

Content Refresh

We will help clients update their website content to reflect their current brand, messaging, and audience.

Substantial Discount

Clients chosen for the BYB program receive a generous discount on the quoted website setup/design fee!*

*Additional costs may apply for custom features or functionality such as widgets, plugins, custom forms, etc.

Am I Eligible?

To qualify for the BYB (Be Your Best) Website Refresh Program, you must meet the following criteria:

Client Status:

  • You are a current BEST website client.
  • You have an existing website subscription with us.
  • You have paid all outstanding invoices for your current website services.

Website Age and Design:

  • Your website is at least 2 years old from its launch date.
  • Your website design is considered outdated and no longer reflects your current brand or industry standards, has broken links or
  • Your website is not responsive and does not display correctly on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Your Participation:

  • You are committed to providing all necessary content (text, images, videos) for the website redesign.
  • You are available to provide feedback and approve design concepts throughout the process.
  • You have the budget allocated to cover the discounted design fee and any additional costs for custom features.

Additional Considerations:

  • Websites with significant technical issues or requiring extensive content migration may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • We reserve the right to decline participation in the program if your website is deemed unsuitable for the redesign process.

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