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Loretto may be small, but its location along Hwy 43 makes it easy to access from many other places. Businesses in Loretto may want to expand their customer base but not know how. The best way to reach the maximum number of customers is with a professionally designed website, like the ones Best Websites builds every day. With a website optimized for search results, Loretto businesses can reach well outside Lawrence County and even beyond Tennessee.

Designing a Website in Loretto

If you have thought about getting a new website for your business, you’re in good company. After all, having a website – even for a small, local business – raises your profile, adds to your credibility, and improves lead generation.

Your website is your property and your own piece of online real estate. It is an outstanding tool for highlighting what sets your business apart from the competition, and it can answer common questions potential customers might have. Moreover, websites are excellent for showcasing positive testimonials from current customers.

The world is home to 4.5 billion active internet users, and without a website, your business is mostly invisible to them. Even if you own a small, local business that is engaged in the Loretto community, a website improves your visibility. This is particularly true since COVID pushed more of the marketplace online.

The importance of having a business website.*


of internet users search
to find local businesses


of internet users will visit
an in-person location because
of what they will find online


of Google searches include
local intent, meaning they are
looking for location solutions

*These statistics from Safari Digital drive home the importance of having a business website.
Think of the potential you’re missing out on if you don’t have a website.

What May Be Holding You Back

It’s understandable if you haven’t yet pulled the trigger on launching a website. It’s no minor feat, and you have probably seen poorly designed websites that don’t reflect well on businesses.

Some business owners think that having a page on Facebook can take the place of having a website, but that’s not the case.

Because it is so easy to create a Facebook page, doing so doesn’t necessarily add the credibility and gravitas you want for your Loretto business. A Facebook (or other social media site) page is a great adjunct to your business website, without question. But there are serious limitations to social media pages.

Your Loretto business deserves the kind of attention and engagement that you can only get from having a business website.

Social Media Limitations

  You don’t own your Facebook page, and Facebook outages can take away your entire online presence if you don’t have a website.

  Most people use search engines like Google rather than Facebook when searching for local businesses.

  Social media sites like Facebook are engineered to keep people scrolling. They’re not designed for focusing attention on a particular provider of products or services.

  A website, on the other hand, ensures you have your potential customer’s attention.

  You can make your website look however you want, and that is not the case with your social media page.

DIY or Hiring a Designer Are Not Your Only Options in Loretto

Yes, there are DIY website builders widely available, but even the most user-friendly of these rapidly becomes complex when you need a feature the templates don’t offer. And the costs can add up if you buy the extras you need to make your site resemble what you want.

On the other hand, hiring a website designer can set you back $10,000, whether you live in Loretto or New York City. That’s a steep price to pay for a designer who may be hard to reach or who may design a site that’s more of a monument to their ego than a site that will help your business.

Fortunately, there is another alternative. Best Websites has built hundreds of websites for businesses that don’t want a DIY solution or a prohibitively expensive designer. And we build them for businesses just like yours.

You Don’t Want Just Any Website in Loretto

Whether you own a roofing company, an insurance agency, or a self-storage business, you want a website that showcases what makes your Loretto business stand out. And that is exactly what Best Websites does.

We know how to create the look and user experience your customers want and how to incorporate website content that helps your site climb to the front page of search engine results. We know how to help the people looking for your products and services to find your website easily. And we can help you build an effective digital marketing plan as well.

You don’t have to spend an excessive amount of money to have an effective, attractive website that you will be proud of. We know that because that is what we do.

Ongoing Service and Support in Loretto

One problem that Loretto businesses encounter with DIY websites and expensive designers is that they can’t always get the help they need after launching their website. What if they want to add a feature or update the information on their website? It can turn into a chore.

Best Websites works with businesses from step one through launch and beyond. In fact, we assign a dedicated launch specialist to every client we build a website for. You will have a point of contact who knows your account, knows your business, and knows how to solve problems.

And since sites built by Best Websites are sold on an affordable subscription basis, you won’t have to worry about site upgrades or surprise costs. What’s more, all of the websites we build use responsive design. That means they look great on whatever device a web user has: phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop!

If you need customer chat tools, appointment scheduling, or want to add a pop-up to announce a special, it’s no problem. Try doing that with a DIY website or a high-priced designer. In fact, if you want to, you can make your own minor changes to your site without having to write code.

In short, with a Best Websites solution, your Loretto business can focus on your core business activities without worrying about whether your website is doing what it should.

What Type of Website Can I Get in Loretto?


Get up to 5 pages to summarize all your services or highlight a select few.


Get up to 10 pages of SEO-enriched content for your products or services.


Get up to 15 pages from our SEO content library for your specific industry.

Best Websites offers three website packages for Loretto industries: Essential (up to 5 pages), Growth (up to 10 pages), and Professional (up to 15 pages). Currently, the Growth package is the most popular.

Whichever package you choose, you can preview your site within 7 days, with an estimated launch date of 30 days or fewer. This is particularly important because it’s often difficult to pin an independent web designer down to a timeline, and the launch of a DIY website depends on how much time you plan to spend creating it (and purchasing the extras you need).

What’s more, getting an in-demand independent designer to make changes can be a challenge. Also, will they perform analytics? Who knows? Will they update your site as needed? Not likely. And if you try to go the DIY route, analytics, updates, and changes all fall on you.

If you need or want additional digital marketing services, don’t count on an independent designer to tackle it. You can DIY digital marketing, but do you really have the time it takes to develop effective strategies, execute them, and then analyze them for effectiveness? Best Websites does.

How We Build Your Loretto Business Website

Our first step is always listening to what our customer needs and wants. And for customers who are unsure, we can propose solutions that make sense.

We can help you decide how many pages your website needs, what information each should contain, and whether digital marketing services make sense for your business.

Once we work together to develop a website plan, our writers and designers go to work building your site with design and content proven to captivate attention and keep people interested. We also use the most time-proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help your website rise to the top of search results.

After you preview the preliminary design, we make any necessary changes or corrections and then proceed at full speed to design the entirety of your website. And if you have questions or concerns along the way, you can contact your dedicated Digital Assistant to get you the answers you need.

When your site is ready to go live, your launch specialist will ensure that everything is correct and in order. Best Websites will even claim, verify, and fill out a Google Business Profile for your business if you don’t have one. This is one of the most important free marketing tools Loretto businesses have in terms of dominating local searches.

Once your site is launched, you will be proud of your web presence and confident that you are showcasing your Loretto business in the best possible light.

Want to be the trendsetter in your industry?

Learn professional website tips and tricks that will make you and your website more successful!

We Understand The Challenges

It can be difficult to know which path to take to get the website your business needs and deserves, even if you operate a successful Loretto business. But every week that you put it off is a week that your competitor with an attractive, well-functioning website can siphon off customers.

Cheap DIY and pricey designers are not your only options for building a website. Best Websites has created a system to deliver professional, high-quality, high-functioning websites with search engine optimization built into every step.

When you launch your website built by Best Websites, you can be confident that your Loretto business has instantly raised its local and regional profile. You give your customers another welcoming “front door” to your business and a convenient opportunity to learn about how your business can solve their problems.

Call Best Websites at 1-800-247-7318, or schedule a call at your convenience. We are delighted to assist Loretto businesses like yours in building the website they may have only dreamed of.

Best Websites only builds one Loretto website in each 15-mile-radius market for each industry. That business should be yours because your Loretto business deserves the quality, professionalism, and ongoing support that shows customers the amazing things your business does.

You can breathe a sigh of relief when you choose us…

See How We’ve Helped Out Customers!

“48 hours after our website went live, we had two new customers find us online!”

– Drew, Pure Clean

Customer Review

“Our new website is a benefit to our current customers – with just a few clicks they can request new quotes, begin the claims process, or pay their bills. But it’s also a benefit to future clients because the quality and quantity of content moves us up to the top of search engines.”

– Owen, Bagley & Bagley Insurance

“They completely redid the website. They added a ton of content and really gave us a clear direction.”

– Noland, Lester, Greene, McCord and Thoma Insurance

Your Website Features

Every website we design is on a subscription basis, so there are no surprises.
Best Websites offers a range of the most in-demand features of Loretto business websites including

Main Product Page
Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)
Mobile and Desktop Design
Website Security (SSL)
Google Business Profile Setup
Google Analytics
Free Domain Name
Live Help From Website Professionals
Accepting Online Payments
Site Preview Within 7 Days
Main Product Page
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Mobile and Desktop Design
Website Security (SSL)
Google Business Profile Setup
Google Analytics
Free Domain Name
Live Help From Website Professionals
Accepting Online Payments
Site Preview Within 7 Days

Additional Features Include:
Every customer receives support from a Digital Assistant, plus SSL and software security updates and a variety of different monthly subscriptions to choose from.

Did you know that 86% of customers search businesses on Google before making a purchase? A website for your Loretto business ensures that you are there for 100% of your potential customers!

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