May 4, 2022

5 Best Website Builders for Small Businesses

By: Mary Hiers

Many small businesses elect to use website builder software to create their business website. Numerous options exist, so how can you choose the best website builder for your business? 

Here are 5 of the most popular website builders, along with their most important features and potential drawbacks to be aware of.

1. Wix

Wix is popular website builder software because it combines minimal effort with broad creative control. It also includes a free option. Wix offers tools for building a mobile website, which is essential in today’s business world. Additionally, it offers a wide range of templates and e-commerce options.

Users say the Wix editor is highly intuitive. This means they can start using the editor right away, without a steep learning curve. Furthermore, Wix offers many ecommerce tools, and pricing outside the free option is competitive with other website builders.

One of the main drawbacks to Wix is that once you select a template and launch your site, you’re stuck with the template. Also, Wix doesn’t include built-in page statistics. Website statistics are essential to fine-tuning a business website for optimal performance.

2. Squarespace

Many businesses recognize Squarespace as a solid website builder software for brand building. It helps businesses create websites that look like they were professionally designed. Businesses with decent tech skills on staff can really make a Squarespace-built site shine.

However, some of Squarespace’s functionality isn’t intuitive, so beginners may feel overwhelmed. Additionally, there is no phone support, no free option, and (as with Wix) you’re stuck forever with whichever template you select. While a user with some tech savvy could create something beautiful with Squarespace, a beginner may need something simpler.

3. Gator Website Builder

Gator Website Builder by HostGator offers an array of good-looking templates from which to choose. Unlike many other options, it allows you to change templates after launch. Additionally, its prices are attractive for small businesses.

Since Gator Website Builder is associated with HostGator (a website hosting service), many businesses wonder if they can use a domain name they already own. The answer is yes. The website builder doesn’t require that you have a HostGator account.

There is no free option, however, so you can’t try Gator Website Builder out without buying. Moreover, the Gator Website Builder doesn’t offer certain important tools on their lower-priced platform choices. For example, appointment booking is not available on less-expensive pricing tiers, and only the most expensive tier eliminates the e-commerce transaction fee. 

4. GoDaddy

Like other top website builders for small businesses, GoDaddy offers users many attractive design choices. It also offers high quality search engine optimization (SEO) tools and digital marketing tools. GoDaddy provides 24/7 phone and online chat support. These support options only address general questions, however. Users with more technical queries may have to turn to outside services that have specific experience on this platform.

With GoDaddy, you cannot switch templates once you have chosen one. Moreover, you can only insert pre-designed sections into your design. In other words, you can’t just put a text box or illustration wherever you want to on the page. Businesses may find this unnecessarily limiting.

5. Best Website Builder by Exchange Media Group

Best Websites is a done-for-you website builder. This means instead of starting from scratch or with a generic template, we build and launch your website for you. You’ll get a website preview within 7 business days. It could take you that long to learn your way around some of the other top website builders for small businesses!

Like other website builders, you select one of several optimized design templates. You do have the option to change your template after launch, if needed. You can be hands-on with editing your site (without knowing how to code), or you can count on us to keep it updated over time. Software updates and site maintenance are included in your subscription.

Unlike other website builders, you can choose content for your site from our SEO library for your industry. Instead of using SEO tools to write your own website content, our Google-certified content writers have researched and written thousands of words of SEO content targeted to your ideal customer. Best Websites serves a huge range of business types, from insurance agencies to carpet cleaners to chiropractors. 

When you choose Best Websites, you enjoy a lot of features that other website builders don’t offer. This includes: 

  • SEO Content to help increase your site’s visibility on search engines
  • Responsive design so your site looks just as beautiful on mobile as on a PC screen
  • Setup of your Google My Business (GMB) page to help improve your Local SEO
  • Google Analytics (GA) setup and integration
  • Domain name purchase and setup as part of your website package
  • Outstanding extra website features, like appointment scheduling or live chat for your customers
  • Customer support from a human whenever you need it
  • Site maintenance for as long as your subscription remains active

Website Builder Software: Key Takeaways

Many website builders offer features that businesses want, but they may cost extra, or require extra work. For example, while all of the best website builders for businesses allow you to use GA, most require you to set up the integration yourself.


Gator Website Builder

Best Website Builder

Because it’s done-for-you and not do-it-yourself, Best Websites is more expensive than other website builders on this list. However, it’s substantially less expensive than a custom business website from a freelance designer or agency. You enjoy the flexibility and affordability of website builder software, but you also have an expert team in place to get your optimized website up and running as quickly as possible.  

With Best Websites, you get the enormous benefit of a team that understands your industry. With help from our digital assistants, SEO content writers, web designers, and launch specialists, you can focus on your business, confident that your website is doing its job optimally. 

Not every business has the time for DIY website builders. If you want to skip the DIY while having outstanding control over your business website as well as a timely launch, schedule a call with our team.


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