July 6, 2022

Your Services Page: 5 Techniques to Make It Convert Better

By: Mary Hiers

A services page can drive better SEO and higher conversion rates if you plan and execute it right. Don’t neglect these pages as mere “backup players” for your rock star homepage and blog posts.

Services pages may seem mundane at first glance. They are where you list and describe the services and/or products your business provides.

Though they may be “workhorse” web pages, services pages can function well, or not so well. It is worth going over your services pages to make sure they produce as good a conversion rate as possible.

Conversion Rate Optimization and SEO

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and SEO have different goals. Where SEO aims to place your website at the top of search results, CRO aims to put more money in your pocket. 

Think of CRO and SEO as mutually beneficial. Your services page is an excellent meeting place for the two, despite their different goals. They play on the same team — your team — to help your business win. 

Services Pages Can Affect CRO

Many businesses don’t give conversion rates much thought when it comes to the services page. But this is a page that can deliver more conversions than you may have expected. All you need is some knowledge and practical tips.

Following are five easily actionable tips for improving your services page. Try these, and you should see a better overall conversion rate without harming SEO.

1. Do Keyword Research for Each Services Page

First of all, if a services page contains products, don’t use the generic descriptions for them that the manufacturers provide. Rewriting them can make them more targeted toward your audience while avoiding duplicate content (which can harm SEO).

Before writing descriptions of your products or services, do keyword research. You don’t need a specialized tool for this. The free Google Keyword Planner will serve you well. 

As with any other page for which you do keyword research, you should use keywords that your target audience would use to find your business online. A keyword tool can help you find the right words to include in your descriptions to reach the people you want to reach.

2. Make it Easily Scannable with Strong Imagery

Nobody likes a wall of text. Any good web page will be pleasing to the eye, with pertinent imagery and text broken up into digestible chunks of information. 

This is fairly easy to do with a services page since you will want to list your services individually. Use brief, keyword-enriched (but not keyword-stuffed) descriptions and images that entice visitors.

Ideally, you would use real photos of your team members or products showing how they solve customers’ problems. But if you don’t have appealing, high-quality images of your own, you can use stock images.

3. Emphasize Benefits More than Features 

Features of your services are important. More important, however, are the benefits that customers can expect because of those features. 

Suppose your business provides transcription services. People probably won’t care much about the advanced equipment your team uses. They care most about benefits, like saving 20 hours per week and having accurate transcripts. 

The following table shows some industries and common services they provide. They could use these service examples to generate keywords and descriptions of benefits customers can expect. Try to do the same thing for your industry.

IndustryService examples (for keyword searches and descriptions of customer benefits)
Insurance AgencyCar insurance, life insurance, renter’s insurance, home insurance
Chiropractic OfficeBack pain relief, carpal tunnel relief, sciatica relief
Carpet CleanerCleaning wool carpet, difficult stains, hypoallergenic cleaning
Towing CompanyTowing for businesses, towing for individuals, towing for events

4. Include Testimonials or Other Social Proof

When people are ready to spend money with a provider they have not used before, they want to feel confident that they are making a wise decision. That’s why having testimonials or other social proof on your website services pages is smart.

A glowing review, testimonial, or social media post that succinctly describes why the reviewer is happy with your business is the gold standard. The more a testimonial addresses a potential pain point, the more powerful it is. 

It is probably better to sprinkle testimonials among your service descriptions than to put them all at the bottom of the page. Not everyone will scroll all the way down.

5. Use a Strong Services Page Call to Action

Calls to action don’t have to be dull. In fact, a captivating call to action (CTA) may be just the thing that tips the odds of conversion in your favor. 

On a website services page, the CTA can give visitors a preview of the service. Suppose your business builds custom cabinets. After the brief, keyword-enriched description of this service on your services page, your CTA button could read “Get My Quote,” rather than the typical “Learn More.”

If you can put a keyword into your CTA button text, so much the better. For example, “Schedule Photography Session” on a photographer’s website is more SEO-friendly than “Book an Appointment.”

In other words, your CTA is a tiny opportunity to boost your conversion chances a little. Why not make the most of it?

Bonus Tip: Measure Your Results

If you want to find out what has the best effect on your conversion rate (whether on your services page or elsewhere), take a baseline performance “snapshot” before you start. You can do this with Google Analytics or whatever analytics software you use.

After you make a change, such as replacing manufacturer descriptions of products with your own keyword-enriched descriptions, give it a couple of weeks and take another performance snapshot. 

Effects will accumulate, so it might not be obvious which change has the most impact. But if you see a big jump in performance a week or two after a particular change, it’s worth examining further. Perhaps you could make similar changes to other pages on your website.

Every Website Element Matters

Every element of your website has the potential to improve your conversion rate. Your website services pages offer great opportunities for SEO-enriched content. They can address your target audience directly and help your website climb the search rankings. 

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Who has the time for all this?” That’s a valid concern. You would rather be out there providing services than making changes to your website. 

We can help. Because we understand SEO, CRO, web design, and how to track results, our team knows how to ensure that every page on your business website works its hardest to deliver customers to you. Set up a call with us and let us show you what we do.


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