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Digital marketing is a necessary component of today’s small business marketing strategy. This is due to both cost efficiency and effectiveness. In some cases, the strategy can be all-digital. Here are the types of digital marketing BEST clients use with the help of our account managers.

Content Marketing

Believe it or not, the content on your website can be an important part of your digital marketing strategy. Best Websites delivers SEO-enriched content from the start. This means that as soon as your site goes live and is being crawled by search engines, it is reinforcing your marketing efforts.

Social Media Marketing

A social media marketing strategy consisting of both paid and organic social media can seriously raise the profile of a small business. The amazing audience targeting abilities of social media platforms can help ensure that social media ads show up in front of just the right audience at the right time.

Email Marketing

Many people think email marketing is outdated, but nothing could be further from the truth. Email marketing can produce impressive ROI. It allows businesses to reach customers and potential customers on a more personalized basis than blog posts or social media posts. It can also reinforce these other types of customer outreach.

Traditional Marketing

Many small businesses operate locally and can benefit from traditional marketing. Best Websites, as part of Exchange Media Group, has access to print publications of the highest quality, where ads can reach out to people who don’t spend much time online. These ads can also reinforce the digital part of the marketing strategy.

Frequently asked questions

1. Our business has a Facebook page, so why would we need paid social media ads?

Having a well-maintained Facebook page is great for digital marketing. However, the advantage of paid social media advertising is that you can target the audience to which your ads are presented. This helps ensure that your marketing budget is not wasted on advertising to people who aren’t interested or who aren’t local to your business.

2. We regularly place newspaper ads in our local paper, isn’t that enough?

For some businesses, the answer is yes. But for most, traditional advertising coupled with digital advertising is far more powerful and effective. Our print ad specialists at Exchange Media Group are happy to help you ensure that your ad designs are captivating, and we offer local publications that can help you reach even more people.

3. We already spend too much on marketing. Why should we spend even more on a marketing strategy?

If you believe you spend too much money on marketing, that’s a sign that your marketing strategy needs a checkup. Not only do we have expertise in developing a strong marketing strategy for our Best Websites clients, but we also have the tools and tracking technology to measure exactly what works and what doesn’t, so we can fine-tune the strategy. This way, we ensure your marketing dollars generate the highest return on investment.

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